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Export from China, Equipmentimes Is Your First Choice

As an East to West transport hub, Iran has the advantage of geographical location and positive affect .At the same time, Iran has a huge petroleum and gas resources which has become increasingly important in the "Belt and Road". However, since 2012, the United States and the European Union have imposed severe sanctions on Iran, causing many domestic banks stop their foreign exchange business. Iranian foreign exchange remittance became one of the biggest problems in Iran-China trade.

Kunlun Bank is the only Bank in China that can accept Iran's remittance and Kunlun Bank stipulates that only traders who open an account with Kunlun Bank will be allowed to use Kunlun Bank for trade settlement. However, the requirements of Kunlun Bank are extremely high for most companies, therefore they can not open their own accounts.

Equipmentimes positively respond to "Belt and Road" strategy, with rich experiences for decades in Iran trade and have our own Kunlun bank account, we already opened the euro and cross-border RMB business which can safely and legally accept the payment from Iranian customers , Acceptable L / C, T / T remittance, to help enterprises solve the Iranian export-related problems.

Nowadays, we already provided hundreds of enterprises (including Guangdong, Anhui, Hunan, Zhejiang and Shandong provinces) with remittance and financing services in China. The export products involve rail vehicles, power equipment, machinery, building materials, chemicals and auto spare parts, food and many other industries. While ensuring the safety of funds, Iran's import enterprises have greatly helped to reduce the trade costs and ease the financial pressure.

Our Service

Equipmentimes has cooperated with the Embassy of Iran,CITIC insurance, and Dalian International Chamber of Commerce to create "Green Channel for China-Iran Trade", not only can solve the problem of Iran's exchange of foreign exchange effectively, but also provide financing solutions for enterprises to export to Iran.


Customers could declare by their own or authorize Equipmentimes to complete the declaration on any port in China.

High credit qualifications in Customs, professional team with the high efficiency


Leading foreign currency management system, collect foreign exchange timely.

Connect with bank smoothly, foreign exchange settlement timely, liquidity credited fast, fast settlement, the cost is lower.

About Us

Equipmentimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd. is the first comprehensive service platform that focus on foreign trade in Dalian. We are committed to helping small and medium enterprises to carry out international trade with high efficiency and low cost. We have been engaged in Iran's export business for many years and provide export one-stop service to help enterprises solve from the Iranian market development, import and export agents, credit guarantees, financing and other business problems.